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A 15-day self-drive tour to get the chance to independently discover the best of Botswana and Namibia. With your rhythms we will guide you to discover incredible places where nature still reigns supreme, between the Okavango Delta and the Erindi Game Lodge, between Great Dunes and incredible waterfalls. It will be an incredible journey!

Travel idea to customize

This travel idea is fully customizable

This itinerary was imagined by our local agent with only one idea in mind: to inspire you . Each element can be adapted to your needs and interests, from the duration to the type of accommodation and activities.

Day 1: Arrival at Windhoek and Erindi Game Lodge

Arrival in Windhoek, pick-up of the car and departure for the Erindi Game Reserve, a beautiful private reserve, with valleys and hills that are very reminiscent of the landscape of the cartoon The Lion King. Arrival and overnight at Old Traders Lodge, accommodation in Luxury Suites. Erindi is the largest private reserve in Namibia, around 20,000 hectares. In the park there are giraffes, lions, leopards, black and white rhinos, cheetahs (cheetahs), wild dogs, elephants, zebras, oryxes, black wildebeasts (black wildebeest) kudus, hyenas, pangolins, hippos, crocodiles and many others. 

Day 2: The safaris

Early morning departure with the ranger for the game drive, return and breakfast. I recommend the self drive exit and in the afternoon game drive with the ranger for the evening tour. During the austral winter there is no night game drive due to low temperatures but there is the one from 16:30 to 20:00. Return to the lodge, dinner. 

Day 3: Towards the Atlantic Ocean

Breakfast and departure for Swakopmund, an incredible town with buildings similar to the Black Forest (Germany) but you will be surrounded by desert dunes and the Atlantic Ocean. Using the C38 you will arrive at UIS and from there you will continue to the Mt Brandberg Nature Reserve to visit the White Lady Felszeichnungen, famous for the San cave paintings, very interesting. We will spend the night at Swakopmund’s Secret Garden, a marvelous building from the early 1900s. Dinner at the Tiger Reef Beach Restaurant, a characteristic beach restaurant, exceptional for its location and quality of food. Enjoy the sunset at the pier. 

Day 4: Between ocean and sand

Breakfast and departure for Cape Cross, the largest colony of sea lions in the southern hemisphere. Unforgettable experience. It is not known exactly how many sea lions are present in the colony, it is estimated a variable number between 80,000 and 100,000 specimens. On the way from Swakopmund to Cape Cross, stop and take pictures of the wreck of the Zeila. Lunch at Cape Cross Restaurant. Return to Swakopmund and dinner at the hotel. 

Day 5: Towards Sossusvlei

Breakfast and departure for Sossusvlei on the C14, according to many one of the most beautiful roads in Namibia. 

Lunch at the Rostock Ritz Desert Lodge, a marvelous lodge set on the ridge of a hill, built with local material, fantastic view of the valley below. Arrival in Sossusvlei and overnight. 

Day 6: The Great Dunes

Departure for the dunes (# 45, # 17 but above all at the Big Daddy Dune) which you will “climb”: a breathtaking experience. As you will be leaving very early in the morning, the lodge will prepare a packed breakfast for you. I recommend comfortable clothes and closed shoes. The lodge will provide you with a packed breakfast. Lunch in the restaurant at the entrance of the park, afternoon rest and return to the dunes for a glass of wine at sunset…. Unforgettable colors and flavors. Return and dinner at the lodge for dinner. 

Day 7: Aus and the castle of Duwisib

Breakfast and departure for Aus. Follow the C14 and C13, the view you will see will give you a few surprises. You will have lunch in the Betta oasis, where you can refuel. Continuing a few kilometers north, on the D826, you will arrive in one of the most incredible places in Namibia, the castle of Duwisib, built in 1909 by Baron and Captain Heinrick Von Wolf to entice his American wife to move to Namibia. The Bahnhof’s chefs are among the best in Namibia. 

Day 8: Luderitz «The ghost town»

Breakfast and departure for Luderitz and visit to the ghost town of Kolmanskop, an interesting abandoned settlement about 50 years ago, the desert is slowly regaining it. Suggestive and disturbing … photographically beautiful. Visiting hours are at 9:30 am and 11:00 am. Fish-based lunch in Luderiz at the Diaz Coffee Shop, a simple restaurant with the most incredible and fresh variety of fish. The tables are made from old lobster traps and old buoy benches. After lunch, I recommend going to visit the Diaz Point. Return to Aus. 

Day 9: Return to Windhoek

Breakfast and departure for Windoek. This will be a relaxing transfer day. The roads are in perfect condition and with very little traffic. Overnight in Windhoek. 

Day 10: Towards Botswana

Breakfast and departure for Maun (Botswana) use the B6, passing through Windhoek, up to the border, once you enter Botswana take the A2. You will pass the border at Mamuno. Packed lunch. In Botswana when you find a distributor, especially outside the city, fill up, always, never return to the “neighbor”, you risk that there is no petrol. In Maun you will stay at The Old Bridge Camp in Maun. They have excellent safari tents with private baths and showers, very nice and with a great restaurant. 

  •   ALTERNATIVE: return car and flight from Windhoek to Maun, about 5 hours journey because there are no direct flights, you have to make a stopover in Johannesburg, change planes, wait in Johannesburg 1h 40min. Cost (extra) of the flight about € 190. 

Day 11: The Okavango Delta

Departure from The Old Bridge Camp for the Okavango Delta for the “1 day Chiefs Island boat trip” Departure from your camp at 8:00 am and return in the afternoon for 17/17:30. you will stop many times to rest and eat 

Day 12: On the threshold of Chobe Park

Breakfast and return of the car to Maun, transfer to the airport, with private flight (included) you will arrive in Kasane, a tiny village on the Zambezi river. The Lesoma Lodge ranger will meet you on the landing strip to take you to the lodge. In the afternoon excursion on the Zambezi from (15:00 to 19:00), an unforgettable experience. Return to the Lodge for dinner. 

Day 13: Victoria Falls

Breakfast and departure for the Victoria Falls with our local operator / transporter (local professionals, very well organized, very serious and prepared). En route we will cross the border between Botswana and Zimbabwe. Hike to admire the Victoria Falls. Return to the lodge for dinner. 

Day 14: Chobe Park

Breakfast and departure for the Chobe National Park on board the vehicles provided by the guides of our local operator. Once inside the Chobe you will follow the track that runs along the river to spot hippos and crocodiles and then you will enter the plain of Puku in search of the various animals that populate this area. Packed lunch. Return to the lodge for dinner. 

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